Wear & Care™

Wear & Care is an industry FIRST for uniform options. Wear & Care combines a fully integrated recycling program, a database-driven order entry system, (with employee size tracking and distribution), and the option to order customized antimicrobial garments. All of this is done while still delivering discounted pricing.

  • All items are packaged per employee for ease of distribution.
  • ONSITE support includes size collection and distribution.
  • Custom tailoring available for all body types.
  • All warehousing is free, with a 24-hour turn on stock items.
  • We work with hudreds of manufacturers and can facilitate custom garments.

Reducing Environmental Impact

  • 100% garment reuse policy.
    • Retired uniforms are collected and redistributed where they can be put to good use.
    • A&R Sawyer, in conjunction with over sixty humanitarian organizations, uses these recycled garments to revitalize hundreds of existing impoverished hospitals. Damaged garments are collected and shredded for reuse as upholstery.
  • Last year we recycled over 2700 uniforms at Boston Children's Hospital.

Streamlined Program Management

Managing your employees and their uniforms has never been easier! We put the tools on your desktop and mobile devices as part of our HydraCor platform.

  • Online database driven order entry system.
  • Accessible on mobile devices.
  • All of the sizing, styles, and job descriptions for each employee are stored in the system
  • All pertinent employee information is collected, (by us), and entered into a comprehensive database.
  • Ordering is as simple as selecting the employee, uniform item and quantity.
  • The database also maintains an order history for you to run reports by employee, department, or item.

Safer Work Conditions

With our cutting edge antimicrobial products, we can outfit your entire staff in a high quality, safe and convenient fabric.

  • Garments are treated with antimicrobials which kill odor-causing bacteria and keep the garment fresh, allowing for repeated and prolonged wear without offensive body odors, (which are produced by microbes).
  • Antimicrobial garments also help to control harmful bacteria, (such as MRSA), mold, mildew and fungus.
  • Our featured animicrobial has been tested with 99.9% effectiveness for over 50 home launderings.
    • The nearest competitor has been tested for only 7 washes before a breakdown in effectiveness.
  • Reducing the transfer and growth of bacteria on treated clothing is especially valuable for certain uniform applications such as health care, food service, food processing, and secondary education.

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